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  • Troy Garner
    Troy Garner
    2021-10-29 19:22:55
    That would depend on what the array looked like. If you just have an array of values then you still need a key as part of the KeyValuePair. If you have a JSON array of JSON objects then from within the object you need to determine what the key and value should be. In some cases you would need a custom JsonConverter.
  • Tommy Li
    Tommy Li
    2021-03-28 08:08:09
    Hi Troy, I am looking for a way to deserialize a JSON return with array type into a list of KeyValuePair. Following some online resources I am able to deserialize array elements into a List > public List student { get; set; } Can I do something like: public List> student { get; set; } So that I could have access to a particular student without looping through the whole list?