Newtonsoft Module Update Service


We can update your SIMPL# libraries even if you only have the CLZ but no source code!


If you’re having an issue compiling code with a warning regarding Newtonsoft v3.5.0.0 we have the solution even if you don’t have the original source code! Our programmers have developed a private tool that updates the old Newtonsoft.Json.Compact assembly references from version to seamlessly. If you have a SIMPL# library (CLZ) that won’t compile, please send us the CLZ archive itself, as we can update the manifest to match the new information. (Please note that we can also patch the DLL’s directly for other types of requests.)

We will contact you upon payment and request the either the CLZ or DLL that needs to be updated depending on your scenario. You will receive the resolved file that you can use with the latest 200+ database in return. (Typical response times are usually within 24 hrs. Please allow up to 24-48 hrs for a response, in case of any time zone differences.)

Note: It is advised to reply to the email with a download link rather than attaching files directly to the email. This is to avoid potential issues with the email being received due to SMTP server security and filesize limitations.

Crestron link:

Common cases:

  1. Updating an older version of a CLZ that is being used on an older system where updating to the latest version might not be appropriate. (i.e. You want some level of consistency, and the latest version may have been compiled against the updated Newtonsoft library, but code changes were also introduced.)
  2. You need to continue using a library that was developed by a third party that is no longer in business, or perhaps they lost the original source code.


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