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As the Crestron control system industry innovation advances, so does the learning curve when new concepts are brought to the forefront. The goal behind this course is to bridge the gap for newcomers and advanced C# programmers alike, who are interested in taking the leap into the world of SIMPL#. We cover the basic high level fundamentals of SIMPL# infrastructure and implementation, as well as a few of the more advanced, yet essential concepts that you can showcase in your work as a Crestron programmer. If you want to gain an advantage over your competitors in the automation industry, we can’t think of a better way than to sharpen your SIMPL# skills and unlock the door to a vast plane of opportunities.


    • SIMPL+ Integration – Basic Example
    • SIMPL+ API Definitions & Type Compatibility
    • Basic Module Demo
    • Exception Handling
    • Delegate Callbacks
    • Event Callbacks
    • Static Callbacks
    • Threading
    • Publisher/Subscriber Framework (Inter-Module Communication)
    • Reflection
    • Plugin Framework (Full Demo)
    • Bonus RESTful API Example (JSON)


    • Approximately 5 hours of video lessons (Recommended: 1-2 weeks to learn the material provided)
    • All course projects are included as downloads.
    • Quizzes are enabled to test students on the topics along the way.
    • Descriptions and resources for further learning are also linked to a few of the lessons.

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