MasterInstaller 3.03.00 – Software Bug

Issues with software can be a time killer, and sometimes very distracting from the task at hand. We’ve known about a small bug in the MasterInstaller software for a few months now. This information has been disclosed to Crestron in hopes that they would fix it at some point in the near future in much more detail.

Case scenario: You just get off a call with tech support after being instructed to update your software to the latest database version(s). To save some time, you quickly open up MasterInstaller, select the items you want to install, hit “Next” a few times, accept the terms, then hit the “Download and Install” button only to have the program exit on you without warning.

The installer has a bug with a buffer overrun on the stack which causes stack corruption, prompting the application to exit from a __fastfail() call. If you’ve uninstalled or installed some software recently (and perhaps you haven’t rebooted your PC in some time,) you may run into this issue! In short, if the PendingFileRenameOperations registry key contains more than 5000 bytes of data, you won’t be able to use MasterInstaller to download and install or update Crestron software. This registry value is typically cleared after a Windows system restart however, and it is a good thing to keep this in mind next time you encounter a crash while trying to update your Crestron software.

Below is a video demonstrating the bug, along with some further details in the video description.

**DISCLAIMER**: This video is for informational and educational purposes only! DO NOT edit the registry or you run the risk of potentially messing something up on your Windows machine, otherwise do so after you understand and acknowledge all of the risks involved.
Documentation for PendingFileRenameOperations registry value can be found in the Remarks section below:
Version: 3.03.00
[ No further updates to the software as of August 19, 2020 ]