Try our Advanced Matrix Module For Free!

We are happy to announce that our advanced matrix module is now free to try! Experience the power and flexibility of an extremely dynamic matrix routing module suite for 30 minutes without limitations.

Over the years, our module has been tested against some of the largest systems, making easy work of complicated, yet common tasks involving A/V switchers. This module can be used for small huddle space rooms with a 4×1 switcher, up to systems that have one or more DM-MD128x128 switchers that may or may not be interconnected. This module impressively makes easy work of any sized system.

Reduce development time & costs

This module does most of the heavy lifting for you behind the scenes. Work on building a configuration file, connecting signals, and you’re done!

fast & reliable

Experience the performance and power of a module written in SIMPL#. The SIMPL+ only acts as a translation layer for SIMPL Windows. This means there’s less of a bottleneck in terms of speed and reliability.


Customer wants to add a source or a destination? Hardware wiring needs to change? No worries! Change the config file, add new virtual source routing logic and you’re done!

Automatic Routing

We’ve recently introduced a new addition to the module as of v3.0.0. By harnessing the functionality of connected graphing algorithms, we are now able to provide “automatic routing”. Define the rules by applying “weights” to output nodes within the configuration file, and let the algorithms do the rest of the work!

No more fiddling around with analogs and switching things manually. Simply specify a source and a destination routing key, and we’ll find a destination for any of your sources (as long as there is a path defined from source to definition of course).

Advanced Matrix Module v3.0.0 - Trial


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